Using Jaws with ChattyInfty

Since the current version of ChattyInfty can read out all the contents and menus, you might not need to utilize another screen reader with ChattyInfty. However, if you would like to make use of a Braille display, you would have to use a screen reader such as JAWS along with ChattyInfty since it has no function to output Braille directly. When ChattyInfty is used with JAWS, some conflicts between their speech outputs will take place. In order to avoid the speech conflicts, we prepared JAWS’s script files for ChattyInfty. If necessary, please install them in the following manner.

Right-click on each of the following JAWS scripts, then save each of them into the setting folder of JAWS for your local language: For example:


 Here are the JAWS scripts:

Note: Windows 7 JAWS scripts installed in a certain user’s account will not work for the other users.