Free, ChattyBooks, EPUB3 eBook Player Released

ChattyBooks is a new, free, EPUB3/Multimedia Daisy eBook player designed to run on Windows 10 computers. It automatically converts EPUB3/Multimedia Daisy eBooks into audio-embedded HTML5 with JavaScript. ChattyBooks can also process text files written with Markdown notations. The extension to text markdown files is *.md

ChattyBooks can be played using browsers, such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. It works the same as Multimedia DAISY players.

Download ChattyBooks Ver.2.05 beta1

ChattyBooksE205beta2_Setup (About 230MB)

Help Files:


How to use ChattyBooks

DAISY / EPUB / Markdown Text to ChattyBooks

If a DAISY / EPUB3 / Markdown Text book is dropped onto the ChattyBooks icon, or into the ChattyBooks main window, it is converted automatically into HTML5 book (ChattyBook) with audio and JavaScript. The name of the file is then listed on the main window (bookcase) of ChattyBooks. When double-clicking a title in ChattyBook, a browser window will display as an audio book. The audio book will behave in the same manner as a Multimedia Daisy eBook. The text is highlighted as it is read, in sync with the synthetic voice reading that text. By default, ChattyBooks uses Google Chrome (if it is installed on the user’s PC). If Google Chrome is not installed, Internet Explorer will be used to open the ChattyBook.

ChattyBooks are, by default, stored in the “My ChattyBooks” subfolder in the “My Documents” folder. Right-clicking a specific Chattybook icon in the bookshelf directly opens the ChattyBook folder. If you copy the ChattyBook folder to a web server, and set the link to the index.html in the ChattyBook folder, books can be opened with any browser.

ChattyBooks Ver.2.05 is usable on Windows 10 (64bit / 32bit).

To use ChattyBooks English edition, Microsoft speech API version 5 (SAPI5) should be installed on your PC. If SAPI5 is not installed, you can access instructions on how to download and install it from the following link: