Setting Expectations for InftyReader’s Capabilities

What to expect from InftyReader:

Assuming that your source documents/images meet InftyReader’s minimum requirements

InftyReader will definitely save you a significant amount of time (and money) converting the following types of math inclusive content into LaTeX, MathML, and Word XML formats:

  1. Printed materials;
  2. Image-based content; and,
  3. PDF documents.

What InftyReader may not be able to do:

Unlike standard OCR technology, InftyReader’s math OCR technology, and the “artificial intelligence” engine used to recognize math characters and their accurate placements in equations and formulas, has it’s limitations.

  • InftyReader will not process documents that do not meet these minimum requirements:
  • InftyReader may not accurately recognize some of the almost unlimited number of script-style math fonts… although, in most cases, this should not be a problem.
  • InftyReader may not recognize some rarely used font styles.
  • Do not expect 100% accuracy in conversions, although, with high-quality source documents/images that meet InftyReader’s minimum requirements, this is certainly possible. For good examples of this, take a close look at our sample file library.
  • Expect to have to edit your converted documents, at least, to some extent.