InftyReader Enterprise Version License

InftyReader Licensing: Enterprise Version

The InftyReader Enterprise license is for business and/or professional use in support of recognizing large volumes of documents. There is no limit imposed on the number of pages per month. The license granted provides permission to install InftyReader on a Server in order to deliver InftyReader network services to users on a physical campus or within one company/organization. This license version expressly limits the use of the Software to licensee’s fulltime employees who: 1) are physically located at, and work from within, licensee buildings; and, 2) are using Licensee-owned computers that are permanently connected to a Licensee server (one server only) located within the Licensee’s corporate infrastructure OR grants Licensee permission to integrate the functionality of InftyReader into the licensee’s software and/or services that are being used for internal purposes only. Licensee is prohibited from integrating functionality of InftyReader into software and/or services that are being sold, rented, leased, given away for free, or otherwise provided in any manner to any other individuals, entities, organizations, or companies under any circumstances. This license does not permit the licensee to install InftyReader Enterprise on multiple standard Windows computers.