InftyReader – Minimum Requirements

InftyReader System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • 1 GB (preferably more) of system memory;
  • Chrome or Firefox Browser
  • Note: InftyReader does not run on Windows 98, Me, or 2000.

In order for InftyReader to successfully process PDF documents or images:

  1. There can be no spaces in the names of files you are processing. For example, the file name: “this is a sample file.pdf” may not process correctly. Always insert characters in the spaces contained in file names. For example: ”this-is-a-sample-file.pdf
  2. Characters/symbols must be crisp and clear when magnified to 600%. When viewing the characters/symbols in their magnified state(s), the edges of the characters/symbols must be smooth. There can be no pixelated (stair-step) edges.
  3. There can be no broken or fractured characters;
  4. Hard-copy, printed documents/books must be scanned at 600 Dots Per Inch (DPI). Note: Some hard-copy, printed documents/books are printed in poor quality not visible to the eye. In these instances the resulting scanned characters/symbols will not meet requirement #1. We have no control over this.
  5. Documents/images must be black and white (binary) only. There can be no gray-scale, or color, images or backgrounds;
  6. Documents/images need to have a clear white background. White is preferred. There can be no background smudges, colors, or patterns;

Please Magnify Images, before Processing them with InftyReader to Determine Whether or Not They Meet InftyReader’s 

Minimum “no pixelation” Requirements.

InftyReader cannot process documents/images containing any of the following:

  • Combined, broken, design-based, color, or fractured characters/math symbols;

2 1 4 3 5

Images containing characters/math symbols with background colors, smudges, “dirt,” or patterns;

7 6 8


  • Images containing pixelated characters/math symbols:





  • Images containing characters/math symbols that are in color, gray-scale, or “off-horizontal:”



11 13



InftyReader can not handle lines that are in close proximity to headers, footers, footnotes, end notes, chapter headings, etc. For example:

In order for InftyReader to successfully process images, the images of characters/math symbols must be crisp, clear, binary (black and white only), non-pixelated, and originally scanned at 600DPI. You can check all of these characteristics by magnifying your PDF document, or image file, to 800%. The characters/math symbols must be this clear and crisp:



  • If you have multiple column documents, it may be necessary to, first, process your image/PDF file into IML format. You will then be able to edit the document by opening it in ChattyInfty, arranging the numbering order, and designating any parts of math equations that were processed as text. You simply highlight these text areas and click on the math (M) icon in the tool bar. You can then save/export your IML(X) file into whatever format you need.
  • InftyReader will eliminate “noise” (smudges, pencil marks, some highlights, etc.) so long as the “noise” is minor and does not cover any of the text being scanned.
  • Web-based PDF files often contain low resolution images (150-200 DPI) in order to reduce download/load times. In such cases, the recognition results will be useless.