Download the Latest Trial Versions of InftyReader/ChattyInfty

Download the Latest Trial Versions of InftyReader/ChattyInfty

Important Notes:

A recent update to Windows’ security software has been impacting InftyReader’s installation process. If you receive an “InftyReg.dll” error message when installing and/or launching InftyReader, please do not be concerned. You will simply need to download and save InftyReg.dll manually. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Download the InftyReg.dll from our DropBox folder:
  2. You will probably receive a warning message stating something to the effect that, “This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep InftyReg.dll anyway?”
  3. Select “Keep.” The DLL file will be saved to your “Downloads” folder.
  4. Copy “InftyReg.dll” from your “Downloads” folder into your “C:\Program Files (X86)\sAccessNet\InftyReader\bin\” folder.

The InftyReader trial is fully-functional except that it limits you to processing:

  • One (1) page at a time; and,
  • A total of five (5) pages per day.

Here’s a link to sample, one-page, subject-specific PDF files you can use to test InftyReader, using the trial version:

The ChattyInfty trial is fully-functional except that it is limited to thirty (30) days use in total.

Here are the download links to the trials:

InftyReader Enterprise Version (Please see notes below):

Important Notes Regarding InftyReader Enterprise Version:

  • In order to purchase an InftyReader Enterprise license your organization will need to be pre-approved.
  • The InftyReader Enterprise license is for business and/or professional use in support of recognizing large volumes of documents. There is no limit imposed on the number of pages per month. The license granted provides permission to deliver InftyReader network services to users on a physical campus or within one organization
  • This license version expressly limits the use of the Software to licensee’s full-time employees who: 1) are physically located at, and work from within, licensee buildings; and, 2) are using Licensee-owned computers that are permanently connected to Licensee servers located within the Licensee’s corporate infrastructure. This license grants Licensee permission to integrate functionality of InftyReader into the licensee’s software and/or services that are being used for internal purposes only. Licensee is prohibited from integrating functionality of InftyReader into software and/or services that are being sold, rented, leased, or otherwise provided, in any manner, to any other individuals, entities, or organizations, under any circumstances.
  • For more information please read the following:

License Updates:

  • If you purchased InftyReader in 2013, you can use InftyReader Ver.3 using the current serial number (and license key) you have. If you purchased InftyReader in prior to 2013, and wish to use InftyReader V3, you will need a new serial number.
  • For the users having a normal license of old version purchased during 2010 and 2012, there are discounts available. Please contact: for more information.

InftyEditor, a Free Math Editor:

InftyEditor is an authoring tool for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) documents. It provides an easy method for entering/editing mathematical expressions and writing documents using LaTeX.

  • Users can input any math expression quickly and easily using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Input math expressions are displayed, immediately (after input), in print style just like you’d see in a printed document.
  • InftyEditor comes with a comprehensive Help system that defines all command names/syntax needed to input math expressions based on LaTeX.
  • InftyEditor can be used as a LaTeX learning tool.
  • The documents authored in InftyEditor can be saved in the following formats: LaTeX, MathML, PDF, Microsoft Word 2007 and Human Readable TeX for individuals who are blind.
  • InftyReader accepts the input of text and math expressions using a scanner, directly.