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Important Notes Regarding the Use of Sample Files

Important Notes: The InftyReader demo will only process five (5) pages daily. If you do not have math fonts installed on your computer, you will not be able to view the XHTML files generated by InftyReader. We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox Browser when viewing the XHTML files.  Please install these math fonts. Types of files [...]

Subsidized Pricing for InftyReader and ChattyInfty

Subsidized Pricing for Blind Students and Organizations in India and Vietnam 1.0 Restrictions: In order to qualify for subsidized InftyReader/ChattyInfty pricing, you must be based in India or Vietnam! To place an order, you must be pre-approved. To request pre-approval, please send an email to that includes the following six (6) pieces of information: Your full name; The name of your organization/university [...]

Announcing InftyReader Version 3.2!

The main new features of InftyReader V3.2 are: EPUB3 and PDF with TeX have been added to the list of output modes; In the EPUB3 output mode, math expressions are written in MathML. For e-born PDF recognition, this new version outputs only text and math expressions. The figures are omitted. The reason for this change was [...]