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Automatic Conversion of Image-Based Math Documents into MathML and LaTeX!

If you are spending a lot of time converting math texts into accessible formats, you may be able to save a lot of time using InftyReader.  InftyReader automatically converts high-quality, image-based, math documents into MathML, LaTeX, and Word XML. Please see the video demos below. Videos of InftyReader Converting BMP, TIF and PNG Math Images [...]

Video of our Beta Speech Recognition Interface for InftyEditor/ChattyInfty

The link that follows will connect you to a You Tube video demonstration of a speech recognition interface we are developing for InftyEditor. This is a REAL, no-cost-to-the-user application.  No mock-ups here.  Many more macros need to be written (any volunteers?) to complete our library of 468 math commands supporting the automatic generation of ~550 [...]