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Download Fully-Functional Demos of InftyReader/ChattyInfty

Software/Demos: InftyReader Version (79 MB File)  Updated on September 4, 2018 Licensing Restrictions ChattyInfty Version 2.2.8.i (16 MB File) Updated on October 3, 2018 ChattyInfty Version 3.2.1g (93 MB File) Updated on October 3, 2018 What’s the difference between ChattyInfty V2.x and ChattyInfty V3.x? Click here to download the documentation Enterprise Version (Please see notes below): InftyReader [...]

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ChattyInfty V3.x Change Log

[October 3, 2018] ChattyInfty Ver.321g [September 14, 2018] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.1f [April 28, 2017] ChattyInfty Ver.3.10a [November 9, 2016] ChattyInfty Ver.3.08a [October 15, 2016] ChattyInfty V3.08 [January 4, 2016] ChattyInfty Ver.3.05b [February 9, 2015] ChattyInfty V3.03c [December 30, 2014] ChattyInfty Ver.3.03b [November 16, 2014] ChattyInfty V3.03 [July 2, 2014] ChattyInfty V3.01


InftyReader Change Log

[September 4, 2018] InftyReader Ver. Corrected the recognition of PDF files to enable them to cope with variations in embedded fonts. [August 16, 2018] InftyReader Ver. Bug Fixes [August 10, 2018] InftyReader Ver. Bug Fixes [July 30, 2018] InftyReader Ver. Bug Fixes [May 21, 2018] InftyReader Ver. Bug Fixes PDF Recognition Enhancements March 20, 2018] [...]

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InftyReader: API and Command Line Functionality

1.0 Command Line Application Also see: Processing images (TIFF/GIF/PNG) through the use of the command line Infty.exe is a command line application option of InftyReader. It takes binary images of TIF, TIFF(CCITT-3/CCITT-4/LZW), GIF or PNG format with resolution 600DPI (will work much more effectively) or 400DPI as inputs, and returns the recognition result in [...]

InftyReader Short Videos

InftyReader “Cutting and Pasting” Images: Copy and paste a PDF math image into word as an editable equation (0:34) InftyReader automatically converting a: BMP Math Image into LaTeX (2:53) BMP Math Image into MathML (2:19) PNG Math Image into LaTeX (2:25) PNG Math Image into MathML (2:07) PNG math image [...]


Command Line Interface

To use InftyReader in the command line version, please add the path to the folder of InftyReader.exe in the environment variable “PATH”. The default path after the install of InftyReader is either… C:\Program Files\sAccessNet\InftyReader\bin C:\Program Files (x86)\sAccessNet\InftyReader\bin …depending or your Windows OS. Please check it. In the command-prompt, input the following command: InftyReader [full path [...]