Articles for 2020

Download Trials of InftyReader and ChattyInfty

Important Notes: The InftyReader trial is fully-functional except that it limits you to processing: One (1) page at a time; and, A total of five (5) pages per day. Here’s a link to sample, one-page, subject-specific PDF files you can use to test InftyReader: The ChattyInfty trial is fully-functional except that it is limited to thirty [...]

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InftyReader Change Log

[January 23, 2020] InftyReader Ver. Resume of the validity of LaTeX Output Setting information in the LaTeX output. Fine tune end of processes Implemented a program to avoid crashes observed for some types of images in InftyReader’s old library [January 14, 2020] InftyReader Ver. Fix a time check bug Improved the processing speed of e-born [...]

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ChattyInfty V3.x Change/Update Log

[May 14, 2019] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.3 Bug fix. [March 25, 2019] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.2.e Bug fix of ePub output. [February 17, 2019] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.2.a Added multiple language support: Czech, English, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, and Vietnamese. [October 25, 2018] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.1.k Enhanced to recognize newly-released math font set [October 19, 2018] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.1.j Enhanced to recognize newly-released [...]