Announcing InftyReader Version 3.2!

The main new features of InftyReader V3.2 are:

  • EPUB3 and PDF with TeX have been added to the list of output modes;
  • In the EPUB3 output mode, math expressions are written in MathML.
  • For e-born PDF recognition, this new version outputs only text and math expressions. The figures are omitted. The reason for this change was to improve the accuracy of character detection.
  • In the PDF with TeX output, the front image of the output PDF will have the same image as the original PDF. The texts embedded behind are arranged in the usual reading order and math expressions are written in HR TeX (Human readable TeX).
  • Processed e-born PDF documents will benefit from enhanced character code detection and layout analyses
  • E-born PDF processing now uses Unicode characters (UTF-8). This will enable us to provide different languages in near future.