Upgrading from InftyReader One-Year/InftyReader V2.X to InftyReader V3.X

InftyReader One-Year Version: Users of the one-year version of InftyReader can upgrade to the normal version paying only the difference of the price of the normal license and the total sum of the price of one year licenses purchased before. For example: InftyReader Standard Version Minus $180 Discount for Previously Purchasing One (1) InftyReader Student [...]

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ChattyInfty V2.x Change Log

[November 9, 2016] ChattyInfty Ver.2.28a [October 15, 2016] ChattyInfty V2.28 [January 4, 2016] ChattyInfty Ver.2.27b [February 9, 2015] ChattyInfty V3.03c [November 16, 2014] ChattyInfty V2.25 [April 1, 2014] ChattyInfty V2.23 [November 16, 2013] ChattyInfty V2.21 [April 30, 2013] ChattyInfty V2.20 [March 18, 2006] Beta version of ChattyInfty V2.0

Using Jaws with ChattyInfty

Since the current version of ChattyInfty can read out all the contents and menus, you might not need to utilize another screen reader with ChattyInfty. However, if you would like to make use of a Braille display, you would have to use a screen reader such as JAWS along with ChattyInfty since it has no [...]


About InftyReader, ChattyInfty and InftyEditor

Reference Documents: InftyReader: An OCR System for Math Documents (115 KB Word Document) Important InftyReader User Guidelines (243 KB Word document) About InftyReader: InftyReader is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application that recognizes and translates image-based scientific documents (including math symbols) into LaTeX, MathML and XHTML.  InftyReader can recognize tables including math expressions in the [...]

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ChattyInfty V3.x Change Log

[June 22, 2017] InftyReader Ver. [May 4, 2017] InftyReader Ver. [April 30, 2017] InftyReader Ver. [April 28, 2017] ChattyInfty Ver.3.10a [November 9, 2016] ChattyInfty Ver.3.08a [October 15, 2016] ChattyInfty V3.08 [January 4, 2016] ChattyInfty Ver.3.05b [February 9, 2015] ChattyInfty V3.03c [December 30, 2014] ChattyInfty Ver.3.03b [November 16, 2014] ChattyInfty V3.03 [July 2, 2014] ChattyInfty V3.01


Processing images (TIFF/GIF/PNG) through the use of the command line

To use InftyReader in the command line version, please add the path to the folder of InftyReader.exe in the environment variable “PATH”. The default path after the install of InftyReader is either… C:\Program Files\sAccessNet\InftyReader\bin C:\Program Files (x86)\sAccessNet\InftyReader\bin …depending or your Windows OS. Please check it. In the command-prompt, input the following command: InftyReader [full path [...]


How to use InftyReader Ver.3.0 to convert text-based PDF files into high resolution image files for processing with InftyReader.

Background Information: 1. You can convert PDF into high resolution image files for OCR. PDF -> Color/Gray image of 400DPI PDF -> Binary image (black and white) of 600DPI 2. You can extract Black color parts from color images. 3. You can correct the layout analysis result (separation of figures, tables and texts, reading order) [...]

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Examples of Recognition Results by InftyReader

Note 1: All of the black and white (binary) images below were scanned at 600 DPI. Note 2: It took InftyReader only three (3) minutes to scan, OCR and convert all 12 PNG images below into MathML files. If your office of disability services is manually creating MAthML files from printed textbooks InftyReader can save [...]