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What are “E-Born”, “Born Digital,” and “Native” PDFs?

The phrases “E-Born”, “Born Digital,” and “Native” PDFs are interchangeable, and refer to the same concept. “E-Born”, “Born Digital,” and “Native” PDFs are “born digital” because the PDF was created from an electronic version of a document, rather than from scanning print documents. Save as PDF The Save as PDF “file option” enables you to [...]

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About InftyReader Group, Inc.

Established in March, 2007, InftyReader Group, Inc. offers a sophisticated optical character recognition application that is used by thousands of universities to recognize, convert, and enable the editing of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) educational content (both print and digital) into accessible formats in support of students with print disabilities. A print disability is a condition [...]

Important Notes Regarding the Use of Sample Files

Important Notes: The InftyReader demo will only process five (5) pages daily. If you do not have math fonts installed on your computer, you will not be able to view the XHTML files generated by InftyReader. We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox Browser when viewing the XHTML files.  Please install these math fonts. Types of files [...]

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers IDEAL Group, Inc., including its four subsidiary companies that include: Speech2RTT Communications, Inc. Apps4Android, Inc. InftyReader Group, Inc. Knowledge Discovery Solutions, Inc. This policy references IDEAL Group, Inc. (including all of its subsidiary companies), as “IDEAL Group Companies (IGC)”. This policy covers IGC websites, products, and services. This privacy policy describes [...]