InftyReader Change Log

[December 23, 2022] InftyReader Ver. IMPORTANT BUG FIX related to library link. What’s new (Ver. Bug fixes related to the space management in math expressions and the distinction of tables and figures. [August 15, 2022] InftyReader Ver. Bug fix related to Image PDF recognition. [May 7, 2022] InftyReader Ver. “Newline at the end of each paragraph” [...]

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InftyReader Scientific Research Studies Published on Google Scholar

InftyReader Scientific Research Studies Source: Google Scholar Last Updated: September 20, 2022 Eighteen Years of Dedicated R&D Focused on Creating Accessible STEM Educational Materials in Support of Students with print disabilities! Year Number of Papers Published All Time 381 2022 12 2021 27 2020 18 2019 20 2018 23 2017 30 2016 20 2015 26 [...]


What are “E-Born”, “Born Digital,” and “Native” PDFs?

The phrases “E-Born”, “Born Digital,” and “Native” PDFs are interchangeable, and refer to the same concept. “E-Born”, “Born Digital,” and “Native” PDFs are “born digital” because the PDF was created from an electronic version of a document, rather than from scanning print documents. Save as PDF The Save as PDF “file option” enables you to [...]

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About InftyReader Group, Inc.

Established in March, 2007, InftyReader Group, Inc. offers a sophisticated optical character recognition application that is used by thousands of universities to recognize, convert, and enable the editing of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) educational content (both print and digital) into accessible formats in support of students with print disabilities. A print disability is a condition [...]

About InftyReader, ChattyInfty and InftyEditor

InftyReader Group, Inc. and its products and services embrace the “SciAccess“ mission to “Enhance the accessibility of STEM collateral by individuals with disabilities. It does so by  marketing and supporting SciAccess’ consulting services and software InftyReader, ChattyInfty, Chattybooks, and InftyEditor. Software Reference Documents: InftyReader: An OCR System for Math Documents (115 KB Word Document) Important InftyReader User Guidelines (243 [...]

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List of Books Referencing InftyReader (2006-2021)

List of Books Referencing InftyReader Source: Google Books Last Updated: April 21, 2022 Nineteen Years of Dedicated R&D Focused on Creating Accessible STEM Educational Materials in Support of Students who are bind or have low vision (BLV)   Year Published Number of Books Published that Reference InftyReader 2021 3 2020 2 2019 3 2018 2 [...]

ChattyInfty V3.x Change/Update Log

October 21, 2021 ChattyInfty Version 3.2.6-SAPI-5 Significant enhancements [March 28, 2021] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.4b Bug fix [March 25, 2020] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.4b Fixed a bug Added new languages. ChattyInfty now supports 8 languages! [May 14, 2019] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.3 Bug fix. [March 25, 2019] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.2.e Bug fix of ePub output. [February 17, 2019] ChattyInfty Ver.3.2.2.a Added multiple [...]