What’s the Difference Between ChattyInfty2 and ChattyInfty3?

About ChattyInfty2 Math expressions or scientific documents ranging from secondary education to higher education levels can be written or edited by using the keyboard with speech output. Files made with ChattyInfty can be saved in various accessible formats: LaTeX, MathML, PDF, HTML or Microsoft Word XML. An original format: IML (Infty Markup Language) is essentially [...]


Important Notes Regarding the Use of Sample Files

Important Notes: The InftyReader demo will only process five (5) pages daily. If you do not have math fonts installed on your computer, you will not be able to view the XHTML files generated by InftyReader. We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox Browser when viewing the XHTML files.  Please install these math fonts. Types of files [...]

InftyReader Enterprise Version License

InftyReader Licensing: Enterprise Version The InftyReader Enterprise license is for business and/or professional use in support of recognizing large volumes of documents. There is no limit imposed on the number of pages per month. The license granted provides permission to install InftyReader on a Server in order to deliver InftyReader network services to users on [...]


InftyReader One-Year/Standard Version License

InftyReader Licensing: One Year Version The license for this version of InftyReader covers personal use only. This license does not permit using InftyReader to process documents, either for a charge or for free, for anyone other than the licensee. This license grants the right to install and use InftyReader One-Year Version on one (1) standard [...]

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Sample Image Files

Collection #1: Sample image files: 16_011.png, 16_011.tif, 16_011.bmp Resulting MathML File: 16_011.xhtml Resulting LaTeX File: 16_011.tex Resulting ChattyInfty/InftyEditor File: 16_011.iml Collection #2: Sample image files: 16_013.png, 16_013.tif, 16_013.bmp Resulting MathML File: 16_013.xhtml Resulting LaTeX File: 16_013.tex Resulting ChattyInfty/InftyEditor File: 16_013.iml Collection #3: Sample image files: 18_015.png, 18_015.tif, 18_015.bmp Resulting MathML File: 18_015.xhtml Resulting LaTeX File: 18_015.tex Resulting ChattyInfty/InftyEditor File: 18_015.iml Collection #4: Sample image files: 18_019.png, 18_019.tif, 18_019.bmp Resulting MathML File: 18_019.xhtml Resulting LaTeX File: 18_019.tex Resulting ChattyInfty/InftyEditor File: 18_019.iml Collection #5: [...]

InftyReader: API and Command Line Functionality

1.0 Command Line Application Also see: Processing images (TIFF/GIF/PNG) through the use of the command line http://www.inftyreader.org/?p=766 Infty.exe is a command line application option of InftyReader. It takes binary images of TIF, TIFF(CCITT-3/CCITT-4/LZW), GIF or PNG format with resolution 600DPI (will work much more effectively) or 400DPI as inputs, and returns the recognition result in [...]

Command Line Interface

To use InftyReader in the command line version, please add the path to the folder of InftyReader.exe in the environment variable “PATH”. The default path after the install of InftyReader is either… C:\Program Files\sAccessNet\InftyReader\bin C:\Program Files (x86)\sAccessNet\InftyReader\bin …depending or your Windows OS. Please check it. In the command-prompt, input the following command: InftyReader [full path [...]